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A name-tag is an item that everyone (Running Man Members, Guests, Staff, etc.) in the show wear. It is usually placed on the back of the person through a Velcro-like contraption. It primarily symbolizes the character's life. In the Name-tag Elimination challenge, the character whose name-tag is removed or ripped off is ousted of the challenge, can no longer participate in the activity, and is usually sent to a secluded jail cell until the name-tag elimination is over.

Types of Name-tags Edit

Running man nametags (original) + spy

Throughout the years, there have been several permutations of the name-tag. The classic version is a medium-sized rectangular name-tag. Smaller name-tags have also been applied beneath the classic version to either hide a secret status such as someone who is a spy or someone who has secretly acquired multiple name-tags which is usually equivalent to multiple lives. Smaller tags under the name tags have also been used to provide clues to members who have ousted another person.

Other permutations include over-sized name-tags that can be easily removed and are usually used as a punishment, smaller name-tags that is difficult to remove and is usually given as a reward, name-tags with wings, name-tags with tails, etc.